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HHI Symposium


9.15am Opening    
9.20 - 10.05am Lachie Stuart 9.50 - 10.20am Adam Miller
10.10 - 10.50am Carol Ireland 10.25 - 11.10am Andrew Kavasilis
10.55 - 11.45am Dr Teresa Towpik 11.15 - 12.00pm Weeded Warriors
11.50 - 12.35pm Klara Marosszeky 12.05 - 1.10pm Panel - Dr Teresa Towpik, Justin Sinclair, Prof Ian Brighthope, Carol Ireland, Ben & Michael Oakley, Gregor Zorn
12.40 - 1.15pm Lyn Stephenson 1.15 - 1.50pm Jacopo Paolini
1.20 - 2.15pm Justin Sinclair 1.55 - 2.40pm Charles Kovess & James Vosper - AIHA
2.20 - 3.15pm Prof Ian Brighthope 2.45 - 3.25pm Jenny Hallam
3.20 - 4.15pm Gregor Zorn 3.25pm Close
4.20 - 5.10pm Bethany Rae    
5.15 - 5.55pm Ben & Michael Oakley    


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Invited Speakers MELBOURNE 2017

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  • Dani Venn - The Wholehearted Cook - COOKING WORKSHOPS (click for info)

    Dani Venn is a Melbourne based celebrity cook, most widely known for her time as a finalist on MasterChef Australia in 2011 and as a MasterChef All Star in 2012. Since then Dani has launched Eat It Up Creative food and communications consultancy working with food brands and hospitality businesses. Dani shares her passion for wholefoods and shares her mantra “nourish, nurture, glow” via her blog The Wholehearted Cook and has also started running Wholehearted Wellness Retreats in Bali. Dani has shared her energetic personality on Channel Ten hosting her own television show, Weekend Feast as well as hosting summer breakfast radio on Nova with co-host Tommy Little. Dani lends a hand working with various charities and is a proud ambassador of Ovarian Cancer Australia since 2012, OARA (Oesophageal Atresia Research Association) since 2015 and most recently for the Royal Flying Doctors. Stay in touch with Dani via her website and across social media, Instagram @thewholeheartedcook, Twitter @danivenn and Facebook

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    Brett is the Managing Director of Way to Grow Pty ltd.

  • He has over 20 years experience in wholesale hydroponic sales and greenhouse production and is a Medical Cannabis Consultant for USA and Australia.

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  • Lyn Stephenson - President of the Industrial Hemp Association of Victoria

    Lyn is passionate about hemp – its uses and benefits have been under-rated and even maligned. Back as far as 1999, Lyn began researching cannabis to give her an understanding of its properties. She was hopeful that the knowledge would enable her to help a close relative who had been diagnosed with bi-polar as a result of over-use of recreational cannabis. Ten years ago, she established the Victorian Association to raise public awareness about the potential of hemp. Her work has helped create a market demand for hemp products. In her quest to promote this emerging industry, Lyn now owns and operates a small farm near Kyneton where she has a licence to grow hemp. She is experimenting and learning first-hand the agronomy of hemp so she can share it with others, as well as showcasing some of the many and varied uses.

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  • Carol Ireland - CEO and Managing Director of Epilepsy Action Australia

    Carol has an extensive background spanning 35 years in the not-for-profit human services sector and holding a variety of executive positions in operations, service delivery, marketing and fundraising. Carol currently serves on the Australian Advisory Council for the Use of Medicinal Cannabis, the Advisory Board of the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney and Steering Committee for the NSW government's Paediatric Epilepsy Trials (Medicinal Cannabis Research), and is a founding Director of the newly constituted Medicinal Cannabis Council. In her role at Epilepsy Action she has had significant contact with many individuals and families who are faced with managing very challenging forms of medication resistant epilepsy, with few or no options left in the conventional treatment bucket. Carol has heard and seen the changes in people's lives, including reduction in the severity and frequency of seizures, resulting from use of medicinal cannabis. She is a strong and active advocate for people living with epilepsy.

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  • Ben Oakley - AN AMAZING YOUNG MAN!

    It’s not everyone who can say that they know the exact time that there life changed forever. A few people in the world know. An Accident or an Injury yes. But a Disease? Very few people in the world can say that they know the exact time it happened. My Son, Ben Oakley is one of those people. At 17 years and 40 days he was one of the youngest in the world to have been struck down with a very Rare Disease. If that was not bad enough the condition is generally a slow degeneration, Ben’s life changed in an instant! Prior to becoming systematic Ben was the single most active person I have ever known .... A 1 in a Million disease, only 20 people in Australia – Stiff Person Syndrome .... Ben has the most intense pain any human should ever have to endure when it all goes wrong! Ben is forced to be in a wheelchair for anything more than a short distance. Modern medicine does not understand Ben’s condition, the treatments that his specialist have given him are powerful, addictive and just as debilitating as the disease! That was until we were contacted by an Angel offering hope, hope in the form of Medicinal Cannabis. Ben has gone from at the worst 61 Full body muscle spasm in a day to since commencing on Cannabis oil 16 months ago 3 spasms only lasting a few minutes each! More of Ben's story at the Expo. A must to view ...Ben's Facebook Video

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  • Justin Sinclair – Research Fellow at NICM

    Justin is a Research Fellow at NICM, an international leader in integrative medicine research based at Western Sydney University where he is also the co-ordinator of the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Research & Education Collaboration. For the last 2 years he has also served on United in Compassion's Scientific Advisory Board, Australia's leading medicinal cannabis patient advocacy group, in a pro bono capacity. His scientific background is in pharmacognosy (i.e. drugs that come from plants), but his research interests extend into botany, ethnopharmacology, analytical phytochemistry, horticulture and pathophysiology. He is currently a co-investigator on several clinical research projects in development around medicinal Cannabis and spends much of his time lecturing to medical practitioners, nurses, politicians and other allied health professionals about the therapeutic applications of the Cannabis genus. Justin has many years of industry experience in areas such as quality assurance, new product development and regulatory affairs involving herbal medicines and is a strong supporter of full spectrum plant extracts and understanding the deeper workings of the entourage effect. He has published on the topics of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, pain management and herb/drug interactions in peer reviewed publications and is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and International Cannabinoid Research Society.

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  • Adam Miller - Founder of BuddingTech and The Medical Cannabis Council

    Adam completed his studies of Business Entrepreneurship at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Sweden's Jönköping University for international business in 2009. In 2015, Adam became involved in the medical cannabis space due to his passion for the medicine and belief in innovation stimulating its growth. In 2016, Adam founded BuddingTech, Australia's first medical cannabis accelerator program. As CEO of BuddingTech, Adam has worked tirelessly developing networks and collaborations, including the facilitation and management of three student research projects on medical cannabis in conjunction with the University of Sydney's Business School and MGC Pharmaceuticals, producing Australia's first Medical Cannabis White Paper. With strong connections in the startup ecosystem and the medical cannabis industry, Adam recently hosted Australia's first medical cannabis innovation event 'Seedlings'. Additionally, Adam also founded the Medical Cannabis Council, Australia's first national industry body to represent the medical cannabis industry in Australia. The Mission of the Medical Cannabis Council is to create a unifying voice for the medical cannabis industry in Australia, facilitating a framework of best practice and supporting the positioning of Australia as a world leader in research .

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    Born in Poland Teresa worked as a junior doctor in a hospital in Glogow, a small town not too far from the German border. Arriving in Australia in 1987, she worked in Fairfield and Liverpool hospital then General Practice from 1993. She worked as a solo GP for a few years, then in a small family practice and later in large medical centres, currently based in Katoomba.

  • Over the years Teresa embraced different aspects of healing, not only as a doctor but as a patient as well. When going through breast cancer 16 years ago, she learnt about different patient's attitudes and expectations realising that modern medicine is very much based on evidence. "The absence of evidence is no evidence of absence. We need balance and we need to listen to patients as well".

  • Healing occurs on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual and Teresa sees great potential in cannabis which is an ancient, sophisticated and diverse medicine, is very interested in further learning, research and the application of cannabis in general practice.

  • "I am hoping that it will be legalised and regulated soon, so doctors and patients can take advantage of its great healing potential".

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  • Charles Kovess – CEO of Textile & Composite Industries Pty Ltd

    Charles Kovess is currently the CEO of Textile & Composite Industries Pty Ltd, inventors and owners of a unique hemp decorticator that is manufactured in Geelong.

  • He has been heavily involved in global hemp markets since 2012, helping to expand understanding of possibilities for the hemp industry and how hemp can be a game-changer for agribusiness both in Australia, and globally.

  • Since 1993 Charles has established a global business as a professional speaker, author, educator, and executive coach.

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    Weeded Warrior is a place for those with service-related trauma and their families to discover safe & healthy treatment modalities to treat and deal with the challenges associated with trauma related mental illness. We also welcome families of current serving personnel to learn how best to support your loved one during difficult times.

    Weeded Warrior was created by a former Australian Infantry Soldier and his partner after their experience with Defence-endorsed conventional treatments left them feeling helpless and more traumatised as they navigated “the system”. After years of dedicated, self-funded research, including a U.S. trip to meet world leading doctors, professors, field researchers and practitioners, their expert knowledge in Integrative Post Traumatic Stress Treatment has made them strong and passionate advocates for research into new approaches to PTSD, as they continue to encourage change in the medical and political arena.

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  • Andrew Kavasilas – HEMP FARMER, President of the Northern River Hemp Association

    Andrew Kavasilas is a contemporary pioneer of emerging Australian cannabis industries, a noted cannabis researcher, he has worked, coordinated and funded many projects under various government permits since 1999, including the growing high THC cannabis.

  • Currently, Andrew is Secretary of the Australian HEMP Party, a NSW licensed hemp grower and continues with ongoing broad acre trials. For the past 6 years Andrew has undertaken breeding programs to refine low THC cannabis varieties for seed and fibre production, and other scientific exploration.

  • Andrew sees great opportunities in future Australian hemp industries, especially around hemp seed foods as legislation moves to formally allow its consumption in Australia which would allow Australian farmers and processors access to expanding international markets.

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  • Bethany Rae - Creating cannabis consumer education through Flower & Freedom

    Bethany Rae is the founder and CEO of Flower and Freedom, a company focused on showing how cannabis can be part of a healthy lifestyle. An Aussie at heart, Bethany has spent the last decade in Canada and overseas working with start-ups with a focus on branding, marketing and sales. Her most recent efforts have been in the cannabis industry in Canada, specifically researching and working to find a way to help bring about positive change. Growing up in Bunbury, Western Australia, Bethany experienced first hand how the lack of education on cannabis is the most unhealthy thing about cannabis. Self-educating and studying cannabis in Canada in their medical system, Bethany is passionate about using the consumer knowledge she has gained to help new consumers improve their overall experience with cannabis. Find her at or on Facebook and Instagram @flowerandfreedom.

  • Saturday. Cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle: Education first

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  • Gregor Zorn – cannabinoid therapy consultant

    After discovering the potentials of the cannabis plant, he has used his biological knowledge to avidly study and comprehend its potential uses in healing and alleviating disease symptoms. He is also a speaker and is on a mission to educate people about the endocannabinoid system and the role phytocannabinoids can have in their lives. He became interested in the cannabinoid mechanisms of action, synergistic interactions with other constituents and their impact on modulating the endocannabinoid system.

  • He is the co-founder and executive board member of the European Cannabinoid Therapy Association (ECTA), a member of The International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM), and he is the founding member, author and scientific advisor to a Slovenian nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people on the potential therapeutic uses of cannabis.

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  • PROFESSOR IAN E. BRIGHTHOPE - Nutrition and Environmental MeDICINE

    Among many things, Ian has been involved with Nutritional and Environmental Medicine with particular interests in psychiatric diseases, learning and behaviour disorders, cancer patient care, heart disease, psychological disorders related to foods and chemicals, the chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, asthma, food and chemical sensitivities, auto-immune diseases, diabetes and the treatment of acute viral illnesses and other conditions with megadoses of intravenous Vitamin C and other nutrients........He has published extensively and has appeared regularly in the media as an advocate of nutritional and environmental health. He is the author of 5 books and many scientific articles and reviews. His books have been endorsed by many luminaries, most notably the late Linus Pauling, the only person to have ever been awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes. He is also listed in the International Authors and Writers “Who’s Who”.....He has acted as an advocate of doctors practicing Complementary Medicine for over 25 years.

    Professor Brighthope’s lifelong ambition is to change the way medicine and healthcare is practiced for the benefit of the public and to see nutrition, nutritional and environmental medicine the building blocks and keystones to world health and peace.

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  • Lachie Stuart - Medical Cannabis & Hemp advocate

    Lachie founded the Australian Cannabis Industry Association and has been very instrumental across the whole spectrum of legalisation working closely with many industry stakeholders including ASX listed & Australia's only licensed producer of Medical Cannabis, CannGroup Limited. Lachie's 2014 "Legalise It" speech outside Victorian Parliament was a revelation. In 2015, Lachie was invited by the Daya Foundation, to assist harvesting Latin America's first Medical Cannabis pilot program in Chile that has since helped over 3000 patients. Lachie's advocacy work was also recognised in the Federal Parliament's reading of the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Bill 2016 by MP Warren Entsch. Lachie is also a Hemp industry pioneer and is now working with the CSIRO & Food Innovations Australia to explore & accelerate Australia's $1.2 Billion Hemp opportunity. With global contacts, relationships and experience, Lachie can provide insights and advice to all stakeholders in this exciting industry from a trade association perspective but also from an enterprise facing lens from commercialising Green Path Organics, our natural products business on the leading edge of the emerging hemp seed industry.

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  • Jacopo Vladimiro Paolini – CSO of Enecta BV

    Jacopo brings a strong background of strategy and project development to Enecta BV where he is responsible for the supply and distribution dealings with Cannabis businesses globally as well as supporting strategic products, marketing, sales, and operation initiatives. As an International Tax Lawyer, Jacopo travelled extensively all around the world working with businesses in MNE, the global food market, numerous automotive industries and markets as well as the finance market. In 2012, together with his business partner Marco C. he started one of the first Cannabis companies in Europe, ENECTA BV, that today is actively involved in the production of cannabis products - GMP grade and in the education and information models with regard to Cannabis. His main goal is to be a pioneer in this Cannabis market, to ensure a trusted and safe product for the generations that follow. “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do”.

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  • Klara Marosszeky – Managing Director of the Australian Hemp Masonry Company

    Klara Marosszeky is the Managing Director of the Australian Hemp Masonry Company, Australia’s lead organisation in hemp building materials research.  The company manufactures and supplies BCA compliant Australian hemp building materials in Sydney, for new residential and commercial builds and for projects where there’s a need to improve the energy efficiency and thermal comfort of existing buildings Australia-wide. 75 homes have been built in the past 18 months using the company’s materials and of these several have won sustainability awards.

    Klara is a qualified educator and delivers workshops for Owner Builders, Builders, Architects and Building Designers.  She has been involved with hemp fibre farming and processing research since 1999 and with hemp construction since 2000, when R & D began at UNSW.  She has a background in sustainable infrastructure management with TAFENSW and is the Secretary of the Northern Rivers Hemp Association.

    AHMC’s goal is to support hemp biomass farming to sequester carbon and improve soils (industrial hemp fibre crops grow to over 4+m in about 4 months) and to store that carbon in homes and building infrastructure. The company has a strong social ethic, with input to the affordable housing sector as well as into developing processes and professional standards for the construction of high quality, beautifully designed hemp homes.

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  • James Vosper - President of the Industrial Hemp Association of NSW

    It was James' passion for the environment that led to his first involvement in industrial hemp in 2009. His interest in all aspects of industrial hemp soon expanded and he has addressed many forums on the benefits of hemp for the economy, the environment, as food and as medicine.

  • James is the President of the Industrial Hemp Association of NSW, an organisation whose members have been prime movers in the legalisation of hemp as food. He is President of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance (AIHA) a national organisation representing members from all Australian states. He is also the Chair of the AIHA sub-committee on medicinal cannabis.