The Hemp Health and Innovation Symposium features a range of speakers discussing a variety of topics including medicinal uses of cannabis, health benefits, personal experiences, industrial and agricultural uses of hemp and more. These industry experts can broaden your knowledge and answer all your questions surrounding this game changing plant. 

May 18 - 19, 2019 | Sydney, NSW

Damien Donoghue

Founder SuperHealth

Carol Ireland

CEO of Epilepsy Action Australia

Adam Miller

Founder of BuddingTech and The Medical Cannabis Council of Australia

Dr Teresa Towpik

Founder of MediHuanna

Charles Kovess

CEO of Textile & Composite Industries Pty Ltd

James Vosper

President of the Industrial Hemp Association

Dr Sanjay Nijhawan

Medical Director of Cannabis Access Clinics

Dr Natalie Beveridge

Researcher, CACOS Study

Jonatha Hsieh

Principal Consultant

Paul Mavor

Health House International

Tim Oates

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Delta Tetra Consultancy

Leah Bisiana

MHlthSc/DipBus/RN1/Dementia Consultant/Learning & Advisory

Gary Rogers

Hemp Homes Australia

Dr Matua Jansen

Director of Cannabis Doctors Australia Pty Ltd

Colin Bell

Co-founder, co-inventor and Chief Growth Officer at Growcentia

Sharlene Mavor

Symposium MC: Medical Cannabis Research Australia