The Hemp Health and Innovation (HHI) Expo has a wide range of exhibitors showcasing a wide range of products and services. They showcase everything from hemp fibres, foods, beverages, clothing and textiles, extraction equipment, building materials, beauty products, gardening, hydroponic equipment and much, much more!

Interested in becoming an Exhibitor at HHI? Please find exhibitor prospectus here or contact hello@hhiexpo.com.au for more info.

Across International Australia

Across International Australia supplies laboratory equipment, in the areas of heat treatment and material processing for universities, research facilities and labs.

Angels Love – Crystals & Gemstones

Check out our stunning range of handmade crystal and gemstone Suncatchers, Sterling silver and stock rings. These are great items for that someone special, or to spoil yourself only here at Angels Love Crystals & Gemstones. We have size to fit everyone!

AT Hemp

AT Hemp is on a mission to promote the use of hemp from the inside out. Featuring a wide range of hemp-based products, including hemp foods, cosmetics, skincare and clothes

Aussie Canna

Australian seed bank with a focus on educating and helping those in need.

Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance Inc

The Purpose of the Alliance is to represent all people and organisations interested in any aspects of industrial hemp and associated products at a national level in Australia, in order to develop and grow all aspects of the industry.

Brights Natural Beeswax

Locally made all natural beeswax products. We have varieties of scented candles, skin care, household care and many more!

Canna Herb

Canna Herb is a true Australian business with 5 years of experience in the hemp industry. CANNA HERB are boutique hemp farmers in the Northern Rivers region of NSW who grow hemp and herbs organically. No nasty chemicals are used. the plants are grown, dried and processed using best practices to create a wide variety of fine quality and well-priced products. Wholesale is a major part of this business.


We are a leading Australian natural skincare provider with a mission to reconnect people with the healing powers of plant-based skincare. Made from 100% unfiltered hemp oil, CANNABELLA products are infused with natural, plant-based botanicals. Unfiltered hemp oil is preferred over processed hemp oil, because of its high chlorophyll and omega vitamin content. This naturally helps heal skin without clogging pores, making it perfect for all skin types.

Chuckin Rainbowz

Clothing, bracelets, anklets, Indian goods, bedspreads, scarves, incence, blankets and bedspreads, wall hangings, headbands, bandannas, loads of jewellery, Chuckin Rainbowz offers a great range of hand-made goods they have travelled around the world and collected.

Dr Greenthumbs

Retailer of raw and organic garden amendments and hard to find cactus, succulent and bonsai grow mediums.. If you would like to grow your business by introducing your very own professional-grade products, speak with us to see how we can work together!


Dome Group provides custom solutions for the horticultural affiliated industries, focusing on the development, manufacturing and distribution of cutting-edge products for the industry’s next avenues of growth.


Herbalist’s must-have, DYNAHEMP® 95% ethyl alcohol is a food grade alcohol base for tinctures. Pure natural solvent capable of extracting resins, terpenes and essential oils. Made in Australia. Certified Organic.

Embrace Wellness

Embrace Wellness Oils was established in 2016 with one mission: to bring, high-quality food grade essential oils to the community. Our passion for excellence is what inspired us in the beginning and it continues to drive us today.


Streamlined, secure and personal, Farma empowers plant medicine patients to seamlessly manage their medicine. Our online pharmacy platform supports patients to conveniently order and ship their prescription products direct to their door using eScripts. Farma is a designed with the plant medicine patient in mind, with a commitment to equal access through fair pricing, streamlined delivery systems and audience-relevant communication.


Gemmatic is a Brisbane based jewellery artist who combines the natural beauty of crystals and minerals with his own unique style of wire wrapping to create one of a kind, mind blowing wearable art like you've never seen before.

Get Hempified

Get Hempified want’s to raise awareness of the amazing health a and fashion benefits of hemp, as well as its positive effects on the environment. Our Hemp Store offers the largest selection of quality Hemp products from Australia and around the world.

Healthy With Hemp

Healthy with Hemp is committed to producing premium quality Hemp Oil Australia-wide. Our mission is to help you experience a natural state of overall well being through a gentle balancing of Mind and Body using the healing power of Hemp.

Hemp Collective

We are proudly an Australian-made & owned business. We handcraft our luxurious Hemp Hair, Body & Pet Care products with natural ingredients & environmentally friendly packaging - making life easier for our eco-friendly customers to live their sustainable lifestyle, naturally.

Hemp Pet

HempPet™ is created by Pet Lovers, recommended by Vets and enjoyed by Pets. All products are made in Australia and are100% natural.

Hemp Store

A speciality store stocking a diverse range of Hemp based products from Australia and around the world. We have a strong passion for sustainability and the potential Hemp has to change the world we live in. From food products, to clothing, accessories and everything in between, we strive to provide you with a unique shopping experience so that you can join us in supporting positive environmental change.


HERBEE Brewing - Craft Brewery and distillery producing a range of 8 hemp infused beers and spirits including gin and vodka.

House Of Gold Skin Care

House of Gold Skincare makes hand crafted natural and organic coconut oil skin care. All our products use the finest organic ingredients specializing in Ayurvedic personal care products to enhance your wellbeing and health. Suitable for entire family.

Indivita Hemp

Indivita Hemp proudly brings to you a uniquely blended formulation of whole plant hemp oil extract.

Jarva Juice

Jarva Juice is the perfect destination for health enthusiasts who want to nourish their body with delicious and nutritious juices. Using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, Jarva Juice offers a variety of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and bowls that are packed with vitamins and minerals to help you achieve your health goals. With unique flavor combinations and customizable options, Jarva Juice caters to all taste buds and dietary preferences.


Madcanna is an Australian-based online retailer offering high-quality, organic products to promote wellness and improve your daily routine.

Magical Butter Australia

The MagicalButter machine is the world’s first countertop Botanical Extractor™, designed for creating fantastic recipes, infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions, and more!

Margaret River Hemp Co.

We offer an extensive range of hemp clothing for men and women and other natural hemp products, as well as a chance to learn more about hemp – the world’s most versatile and often forgotten plant.

My Mate Mary Jane

My Mate Mary Jane is an all-natural plant based topical roll on. It is used topically externally on the body. It is made from various organic natural ingredients including 16 terpenes & plants.

Nimbin Hemp Embassy

Welcome to the Theatre of the War On Drugs. Nimbin Hemp Embassy’s objectives are cannabis law reform through educating the community about hemp products and cannabis, and promoting a more tolerant and compassionate attitude to people in general.

Northern Rivers Hemp

Established in 2021 our farmers all live and grow hemp in the pristine Northern Rivers of NSW. The need for sustainable replacements for paper, packaging, building, medicine, nutrients, ropes and pet fodder has seen a resurgence in these hemp led industries around the world.


Drug-Free Pain Relief. Backed By Science. Reach your Body’s Full Potential with the most advanced scientific breakthroughs in portable physical therapy medical devices.


Integrated Health Practice Combined With Natural Plant Based Options.


Provex is one of the few companies that can truly say we are Australian grown, made and owned being a licenced hemp grower for over 4 years. This means quality and value for money from our farm to you.

Quality Treats

Quality Treats has an efficient work ethic, skill and a goal for the future. We work hard to breed our genetics and get the best result for each product, ensuring constant quality, and use Organic nutrients as well as being spray free. At Quality Treats, we truly believe that hemp is the solution for so many industries including retail, hospitality and so many more.

Red Sky Apparel

We are committed to making top quality apparel and doing all we can for a healthier planet. Our vision is to support our own grassroots cannabis culture in Australia, sharing awareness and actively promoting the quest for cannabis law reform and justice.

Sanita Health & Wellbeing

SANITA Health & Wellbeing believes in optimizing your immunity & nutrition through high quality products made with scientifically proven, functional key ingredients. We believe in replenishing and nourishing the body with nutrients it needs to operate at its optimal. We have built its reputation through its genuine commitment in delivering the best and with customers sharing their experiences.

Stealth Garden

Stealth Garden is Australia’s leading purveyor of advanced horticultural supplies. From our humble beginnings in 2007 we have constantly expanded to bring you exclusive new products. We strive to deliver the best and most durable hydroponic technology to hobby and commercial farmers.


SuperTechLED grow lights are designed for performance by utilizing the highest output led diodes, drivers and components. With our extensively researched plant performance spectrum we deliver indoor growers maximum yield and quality.

Topical Hemp Cream

Our products are developed with the belief that anything you use on your skin, our largest organ, should be locally sourced, non-toxic, 100% natural and derived from the finest botanical ingredients to heal, hydrate and protect your skin.

Socal Tacos

A retro food truck serving Southern Californian street snacks, tacos, nachos and burrito bowls with house made hot sauces. With slow cooked meats and a variety of vegetarian & gluten free options, SoCal Tacos has something for everyone.

Gypsy Hunters

We have variety of products that will surely get your attention. Vintage Items, Limited Antique Range, Retro edition, Fancy dress, Collectables, Art Local retro and more all in one place!

The Hemp Couturier

Home of the Ganja Army! Handmade bespoke hemp fashion and wedding couturier. Saving the planet one Couture dress at a time.

Rapha Herbals

We are passionate in educating people about the substantial benefits of natural hemp-based extracts. After discovering the incredible benefits of hemp, we decided to collaborate with a trusted manufacturer to create our product line.

CuratD Health

CuratD Health was established to improve access to alternative medicines for people living with chronic medical conditions. We are a team of highly qualified health professionals with over two decades of experience. We are committed to patient care through plant-based solutions and aim to bring science and nature together.

420 Superstore

420 Superstore isn't just your one stop shop for cannabis accessories located in Toowoomba. We've also been supporting a live & local hip-hop scene. Promoting upcoming and established acts alike. 420 Superstore have their fingers in many pies and want everyone to have a slice! From paraphernalia supporting healthier consumption to fun gifts for loved ones, 420 Superstore is here for you.

Beers Beats & The Biz

An up to date discussion with Australian Hip Hop culture's leading participants, through the eyes of those active within it.

Downunder Magnesium

Feel the natural benefits sourced from the Salt Lakes of Western Australia. Our Magnesium harnesses the pure healing of mother nature directly through your skin. May assist your aches, pains and stresses while enhancing your immunity, gut health, sleep and energy every day in the most natural way while nourishing your wellbeing.