The Hemp Health and Innovation Symposium features a range of speakers discussing a variety of topics including medicinal uses of cannabis, health benefits, personal experiences, industrial and agricultural uses of hemp and more. These industry experts can broaden your knowledge and answer all your questions surrounding this game changing plant.

Dr John Teh – Cannabis & Our Bodies

The Ancient Connection: Dr Teh Cannabinoid Clinician and PlantMed Medical Director explores the synergistic relationship between cannabis and our bodies. Dr Teh will be discussing the endocannabinoids system and the medical properties of the cannabis plant and how we can use this plant as a medicine.

EMILY RIGBY – Cannabis & Psychedelics

The Resurgence of Natural Medicines: Emily Rigby is a research scientist and passionate advocate for medicinal cannabis and psychedelic medicines. Join Emily as she shares her knowledge of natural medicines, speaking on cannabis and the current 'psychedelic renaissance' with a specific interest in psilocybin, from magic mushrooms. With a background in research, education and public speaking, Emily is dedicated to removing the stigma surrounding cannabis and psychedelic medicines.

Paul Mavor – Cannabis Pharmacist

Hemp Infused Alcohol: Paul Mavor talks about his journey from medical cannabis advocate to developing a range of hemp infused beer and spirits.

Trent Chapman – Founder of KanehBosm

Cannabis & Consciousness: Trent Chapman, KanehBosm founder speaks about the power of Cannabis to raise human consciousness. Specific topics include how to use cannabis to access different levels of consciousness, different brain waves in accessing all areas of consciousness, self actualisation and how to understand who you are in order to have control of your consciousness and other areas of life.

Dr Sheetal Bull – Medicinal Cannabis Doctor

The wonderful world of Terpenes: The important role of terpenes in plant based medicines and treatments is becoming increasingly more predominant with time. This talk aims to explore our current understanding and uses of terpenes, and what the future may look like for these vitally important plant based compounds.

Maxine Shea – Founder of Hemp Collective

From adversity to Hemp Business: When a rare brain tumour was discovered 1 year after giving birth to her first son Maxine & Mike's lives were turned upside-down. Little did they know that it would ignite a passion for Hemp that pushed them into a business that was not only truly aligned with being a purpose brand but now they share their 10 years of knowledge to help educate people about this nutrient-rich misunderstood plant!

Gary Rogers – Co-owner Margaret River Hemp Co, Hemp Homes Australia & Margaret River Processing

An A-Z Of Hemp: Growing, Processing, Manufacturing & Selling: Amongst all the talk about hemp as a burgeoning industry, we often forget that before product, comes processing. Gary Rogers has been growing his own industrial hemp (and manufacturing hempcrete) for decades. Having built the first Hemp House in Western Australia, his most recent endeavour has been establishing the first commercially viable hemp processing facility in Western Australia. Efficiently processing hemp into products.

Matthew Stiegler – Co-Founder Cannabella

Cannabella Story, Healing with Cannabis: Healing from cancer using cannabis to creating a brand- Learn about how and why Cannabella was started and what the future looks like.

James Vosper – President Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance

Australian Hemp’s Carbon Future: Australia has made a commitment to reduce emissions by 43% based on 2005 levels. Whilst the growth of renewable energy sources is resulting in positive change, carbon capture and storage (CCS) has a greater role to play. Hemp sequesters more CO2 than any other crop and reaches maturity in 90-120 days. When it is used to make products, such as hempcrete, the carbon is permanently stored. Carbon credits also represent an additional income stream for farmers.

Arthur Wajs – Australian Hemp vs the World

Hemp Foods, Cannabinoids and Terpenes: Arthur Wajs, CEO of Hemp Pet and Australian hemp industry pioneer travels the world connecting with other entrepreneurs and hemp industry professionals, sourcing technology solutions and product innovations, introducing these to the Australian hemp industry.