Welcome to Australia’s largest hemp and cannabis event - HHI Expo.

Come and look, feel, taste, and experience the versatility and sustainability of this game-changing plant.

Australia’s Largest Hemp and Cannabis Event

Australia’s Largest Cannabis & Hemp Expo, HHI Expo is the only event in Australia for anyone and everyone seeking ALL THE INFORMATION around the crucial benefits the hemp and cannabis plant continue to unlock, and their sustainable solutions for our future.  

Experiential and educational with interactive activities for all ages alongside local and international exhibitors, HHI Expo is Australia’s opportunity to taste, touch, feel and experience it all.

Through workshops, displays, speakers, stages, and exhibitors, HHI showcases everything from hemp fibres, foods, beverages, clothing, textiles, medicinal products, medicinal access, oils & tinctures, extraction gear, equipment, vapes, art, building materials, beauty products, gardening, hydroponic equipment and much, much more - all under one huge roof!


Health And Beauty

Rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients that play a key role in regulating cell growth and reducing inflammation, HEMP and CBD are increasingly being used in health and beauty products for their potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Come feel the benefits.

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"Such an amazing and informative event, showcasing the sustainable and innovative uses of this important plant. It really is the Expo for everyone, whether your interests are health, fashion, sustainability, beauty, food & beverage, you name it, it’s on display. Hemp is the future!"


2019 Sydney Expo Attendee



Hemp Store

A speciality store stocking a diverse range of Hemp based products from Australia and around the world. We have a strong passion for sustainability and the potential Hemp has to change the world we live in. From food products, to clothing, accessories and everything in between, we strive to provide you with a unique shopping experience so that you can join us in supporting positive environmental change.

Down Under Wholesalers

Down Under Wholesalers is Australian owned and operated, we offer a wide range of smoke accessories from waterpipes , detox , vapes ,e-liquids and much more at competitive prices with a big selection of exclusive products.

Global Gardens

Global Gardens stays ahead of the game with our premium range of advanced hydroponics and urban farming technology. We focus on the development, manufacturing & wholesale distribution of innovative hydroponics & urban farming equipment designed to take your yield to the next level.

Indivita Hemp

Indivita Hemp proudly brings to you a uniquely blended formulation of Phyto cannabinoids whole plant hemp oil extract. Our natural organic oils are a better approach to the 100’s of harmful chemical-based treatments for ailments within the body.

Hemp Store

A speciality store stocking a di...

Down Under Wholesalers

Down Under Wholesalers is Austra...

Global Gardens

Global Gardens stays ahead of th...

Indivita Hemp

Indivita Hemp proudly brings to ...