HHI 2021: Virtual GLOBAL Event


The HHI EXPO Virtual Symposium features the best and brightest minds from across the country and the world coming together in a HUGE roster of speakers, panel’s and presentations to discuss tech, CBD and greenrush business innovation, start-up development, investment opportunities, cultivation, personal, medical, industrial and building use, legalisation, legislation, licensing, hydroponics and research through to the inherent sustainability of soil regeneration and water replenishment the hemp plant offers us. All mixed up with a little bit of straight up comedy gold.  

HHI 2021: Virtual GLOBAL Event

10:00am | The Fundamentals of Cannabis genetics

Consistent, high-quality cannabis genetics is key to the successful production and supply of cannabis medicines. Learn about the importance of cannabis genetics for optimum cannabis cultivation as well as to provide diverse treatment options to meet patient needs.

10.19 am | Hemp & Carbon

Hemp & Carbon: What’s the relationship between the two and why does it matter? James Vosper, Chair of the AIHA Medicinal Cannabis Sub Committee and the Regenerative Agriculture Sub Committee, President of the Industrial Hemp Association of NSW with a BSc Honours in Environmental Management and trained mentor via Al Gore’s Climate Leadership Programme as well as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society - explains.

10.31 am | A Global Overview of Cannabis Agronomy

The founder of Indicated Technology, Tom Forrest has spent the better part of the past decade working in the protected cropping industry. Communications Manager for Stealth Garden Wholesale, Tom also has been instrumental in teaching medicinal cannabis cultivation.

10.50 am | Introducing Organics Into Your Garden

A quick overview of some easy ways to start your organic journey in the garden!

11am | From Plant to Processing to Product - A Short Six Part Series On Hemp Cultivation

Filmed on site in WA, trailblazing Australian hemp industry thought leaders Margaret River Hemp Co, Margaret River Hemp Processing & Hemp Homes Australia - present the official debut of a brilliant six part series on the growth, manufacturing, processing, building usage and potential opportunities of hemp.

11.30 am | CBD - An Overview (Panel Discussion)

A panel of experts from across Australia & the USA look to cast a light on exactly what CBD does, why it’s gained the notoriety it has and ideally - why not to use it in isolation.

12.10 pm | Bliss n Eso - An Interview with DJ Izm

Bliss N Eso’s DJ Izm talking Cannabis Culture, Growing Up in Australia and the innate responsibility that comes from being a human who genuinely considers the influence he has and how to use that for the betterment of all.

12.50 pm | Puro: Pioneering a purely organic product

NZ’s largest Medicinal Cannabis Cultivator chasing Green

12.55 pm | 710@420, Not Like The Others.

Creatively Better. Premium Quality Glassware. Locally Curated.

1 pm | Cannabis and the 'psychedelic renaissance' - a paradigm shift for the medical profession providing new treatment options for patients

The legalisation of medical cannabis around the world has resulted in a paradigm shift in the medical profession. The cannabis movement is paving the way for other natural medicines and the 'psychedelic renaissance' to gain traction and acceptance as valid treatment options for patients around the world. Join me in exploring the parallels between cannabis legalisation and the 'psychedelic renaissance' including current status and access to these medicines in Australia.

1.20 pm | USA - The State of Affairs (Panel Discussion)

The USA has one of the most developed cannabis markets in the world. Find out more at this panel session. 

2.05 pm | Across International 2021 Vacuum Oven, Rotavap, Reactor, Short Path and Heated Press Introduction

Wanna Shatter? Want oil? Across International Australia 2021 Vacuum Oven, Rotavap, Reactor, Short Path and Heated Press Introduction.

2.20 pm | Licensing, Legislation & A legend - An Interview with an Australian legend

Andrew Kavasilas has been growing high and low THC cannabis under various permits since 1999. From pioneering hemp trials on the Liverpool Plains to acclimation and multiplication crops on macadamia orchards in the coastal regions of far north NSW.

3.10 pm | Hemp As Food

Hemp seed was legalised for human consumption in Australia in 2017. Take a trip through Hemp Fields Australia’s 80-acre farm in the Byron Bay area of Northern NSW where hemp is cultivated in a state-of-the-art nursery-greenhouse facility and outdoors in organic, native soil. Learn the history and an analysis of - the hemp food market in general and the associated opportunities.

3.25 pm | Hemp Processing & The Australian Industrial Hemp Association

Hemp as a fibre, as a potential multi billion dollar industry for Australia - is spoken about a lot, but what does that actually look like? What is the required infrastructure, what are the potential outcomes and usages and how does Australia get there? AIHA Secretary Charles Kovess, and chair of the AIHA Sub Committees on Fibre and Hurd walks us through it.

3.40 pm | Cancer & Cannabis - My Story

Dr Teresa Towpik presents a real life case study on cancer and cannabis, this time she is a patient herself. Diagnosed with recurrent metastatic breast cancer in May 2019. In this presentation, Teresa is sharing her experience on cancer, cannabis and other aspects of healing.

4.20 pm | Tommy Chong - An Interview With The Pope of Pot

In a HHI Exclusive, our official Media Partner Medicated TV’s Irish Wick chats with the King of Cannabis about everything from sustainability, desalination, the 70’s as he remembers it - which is nigh on all of it. What a legend. We are blessed - be sure to visit the ‘Cheech & Chong's Cannabis’ stall in the Exhibitor Stall.

5.27 pm | Sol Fusion LED Grow Light Range

Showcasing the latest in precision horticultural lighting. Sol Fusion presents the most advanced LED grow lights on the planet.

5.30 pm | Australia - The State Of Affairs (Panel Discussion)

Evan Alexander (HHI EXPO)